About Jadib

“Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently.”

Jadib's Story


From a professional hockey player to a digital branding marketer, the founder of Innovative Dimension has some story to share indeed! Born & brought up in Bangladesh, the digital branding genius is now settled in Maryland, USA.

Starting his career as a financial consultant in 2010, Jadib has explored the world of online marketing, working almost in every sector of this industry. With over 10 years of practical experience in web design and online marketing, Jadib takes a hands-on approach to every project.

In addition to being professional among the best in Digital Marketing, Jadib also worked as a Customer Service Representative, IT Consultant, Sales Consulate, Operation Executive throughout his career. The bag of experiences helps him take the guesswork out of dealing with multiple vendors and ensure that your vision will be more than the sum of its parts!


Jadib's Timeline


Financial Advisor


Customer service representative


IT consultant


Independent Contractor


Sales Consultant


Operation Executive


> Software engineer
> Found Digital Marketing Agency


> Software Engineer
> Digital Marketing Agency


Jadib's Philosophy

Starting with one of Jadib’s most favourite quotes by Shiv Khera, “Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently.” Jadib believes that if successful people work in the same way, then why shouldn’t everyone do it? All you need to do is change your way of thinking and connect the dots.

While in the beginning, it seems almost impossible to follow, as we progress in our lives, we realize that doing things differently is actually very easy. This belief makes him one of the very best & successful Digital Marketers with a ton of different ideas from different angles of marketing strategy.


Jadib's Dimension


Make Jadib your Digital Branding expert, and let him bring the dimension in the way you see Digital Marketing. He takes the time to understand your business and creates strategies that connect with your audience.

Jadib is more than just a digital branding specialist. He will work like your partner in business who will help you find success online. The marketing maestro will achieve sound digital branding strategies that work with your budget and your business.

Jadib does not just create the strategy. He connects with your brand, so he feels the pride of your brand in his heart. Jadib as a Digital Branding & Marketing specialist, will explore every possibility of marketing strategy and will not rest until he himself is satisfied with his work.

Supportother’s businesses

To survive in a digital marketing world, helping others could be a good strategy to put yourself in a good book. And Jadib does that very professionally.

Communication Abilities

Communication skills are fundamental in digital marketing because this industry requires you to collaborate with teams, discuss ideas, and Jadib is totally into it.

Good Management Quality

Jadib’s management ensures that the client’s revenues are always on the rise. Using quality management techniques promotes great progress in the assets.

Commitment and Trustworthiness

Trust and commitment are the essential aspects of a strong relationship, but don’t overlook satisfaction. Jadib’s commitment and trustworthiness are what his clients love most about him.

Thinking Strategically and Analytically

A creative plan allows the business leader to understand how to use resources in order to move the organization closer to its goals. So, Jadib uses his strategic thinking in the client’s business.

Capability to Accept New Challenges

Digital marketing is always competitive, so digital marketers like Jadib are always ready to compete with their competitors.

What Our Clients Says

We Provide Solution for Your Traffic
Our skill and experience include a bunch of business expertise, that are used to look at the business from different and creative angles, using the right tools to assess it and develop a solid plan.
Incredibly good experience. I was looking for something specific and wasn't disappointed. Inndim was very patient and diligent to satisfy my expectations of perfection. He's earned my trust of doing a job well done and will be who I use in the future for any website building projects!

Leon Dunn

Inndim is passionate about their work! they are professional yet very personable. I'm delighted with the work they have done for me on phase one of my website and I look forward to rolling out my entire Web Presence with Kazi over time. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Inndim. Their work is first rate.

Carlo Romanin

Inndim was very responsive and communicated throughout the whole process. I was very impressed with theur work and theyare now my go-to guy for web design on all my new clients' projects. Actually, I'm immediately getting them on another project right after this review!

Janet K Fish

CEO Mediasa


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